The Divergence Initiative

After working within the science industry, mainly centred within the biology and chemistry sectors, I have seen a number of changes. The pharma sector has reduced and merged or consolidated dramatically, academic research is now amidst a decline in accessibility to funds and industry has been forced to look more carefully at bottom lines to retain profitability. This has made a number of facultative changes in the science industry that have had a positive effect, being less wasted funds, but conversely negative effects as well, being less pure discovery.

Much of the funding orientation is now focused on areas where a short term goal is evident and, generally, this goal has a commercial application. We have been moving away from the days of truly understanding a process, pathway or interaction and moved in a direction of “how fast can this research lead to profit generation”.

Working with a number of organizations over the years, starting in the research side and moving over to sales, I have been given some great perspective from both sides of the spectrum. More importantly, I have a good understanding on what both sides need to survive. Manufacturers/Distributors have an obvious need for funds to continue to make and deliver products to the research world and at the same time the researchers need to acquire the products needed to complete their research, at sustainable prices. As a result of this dichotomy, both sides have developed a somewhat adversarial relationship of either trying to whittle down a price to unsustainable levels or conversely the opposite, of trying to squeeze too much profit margin beyond fairness or reduce service level.

Divergent Initiatives was started in order to address this adversarial relationship as well as to help return to what research was meant to be.  

Who we are

The Divergence Initiative is comprised of a wide network of professionals with many qualifications and extensive experience. This includes import/export professionals, vendors, manufacturers, contracted agents and people like you, who offer their support and guidance in hope of making change. With many years of experience in sales, a keen sense of customer service and the spirit of innovation and collaboration, we feel that a mutually successful relationship is easily achievable! At Divergent Initiatives we offer a consultative and collaborative approach to laboratory sales and services. Our mandate is to provide unique, quality products with a price tag that offers up a fuller shopping cart or more money left over.

Furthermore,  many of our manufacturers are interested in ideas for innovation from you. The bigger name brand companies out there have lost sight of what is important and are more focused on out competing, sustaining double digit annual growth and acquiring other companies to ‘out-do’ the other. We endeavour to move the opposite of that direction and focus on helping you, by supplying products at a fair price, that also allows Divergent Initiatives to continue to service you, the client. I encourage you to ‘initiate the divergence’ and choose us for the products and services we can offer you!

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