Divergent Initiatives is always looking for innovative products or ideas. With the current funding changes, the science industry has had to become more self-sufficient and our goal is to find creative ways to help the client continue and expand their research.

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to launch your product into Canada or a lab technician in need of instrument repair and services, we can support you.

Here are the different layers we use to help fill the gap:

For manufacturers:

  • Sales Agent Services
  • Distribution
  • Instrument Service & Repair Agreements

For Research:

Divergent Initiatives is looking to change the industry by offering innovative means of getting your product to the people. Distribution is certainly a long established method which has been used successfully for years. Where it falls a little short is with better competency and accountability for your particular products within a sea of other competitive products or other interests.

Given the option of hiring a sales agent allows you, the manufacturer, to ordain your representative with knowledge and abilities of a direct representative which in turn produces specialization and accountability as they were your own representative. In addition to this, they will be knocking on doors where you typically may not be looking for business and find new fits.

With the assistance of the agent, you will be able to keep direct control over your transaction details and have an intimate relationship with the end user which is typically less the case with distribution. This interface is key if, ultimately, your goal is to move towards direct representation when the market is appropriate to do so.

Why the need for a sales agent?

Rise of the Sales Agent

With changes in the overall research climate including funding reductions and market retraction the science industry has had to undergo changes in order to keep the work moving forward. Much of this change has translated to either paying less for laboratory equipment and supplies or not replacing or renewing as often, or at all. As a direct result of these changes, the network of manufacturers who supply this industry have posted reduced annual profits, which in turn eventually reduces justification to have direct representation or a drastically increased geography assigned to fewer people. The result is less service to the client, less opportunity to interface with the consumer base and less product innovation from the manufacturer as budgets become solely focused on driving revenue on existing lines.

The above represents the state of many organizations in the current “Western markets”. To further compound these issues, specifically in Canada, there are a number of different factors that add complication to supporting full time staff including the employment insurance program, safety standards as well as a number of different employment protection factors that differ from the US and Europe.

If you are looking to launch into Canada for the first time, you will find out quickly there are a number of differences from the US that make things a little more complicated. It can be daunting considering you can make all the above investment, put your money into either the wrong person, or target the wrong market or even supply product that didn’t have the right standards to legally be operated in Canada and then be left with nothing but a loss to write off.

At Divergent Initiatives our mandate is ‘The new direction to sustainable science’. This far reaches past simply selling products for less, it involves systematically building structure that is sustainable. Sustainability is a delicate balance of the consumer providing manufacturers with the funds they need to continue operation and supply useful, quality, tools and consumables but at the same time not being drained of their own resources. Posted are examples of where Divergent Initiatives fits in nicely offering benefits to both the manufacturer giving them market exposure and at that same time the end-user having access to products that may have not been accessible to them previously.

In today’s highly competitive environment, a distribution partnership may be the missing link between the manufacturer and the client. We can help enhance your company’s reach by finding new opportunities, market trends, or even suggest new strategies for marketing your product more effectively. And because we are already working amongst the client base with complementary products, it becomes effortless to effectively promote your product line within our portfolio.

Our focus is to create value by introducing innovative products, which are not easily found through conventional sales channels. By doing this, it allows us to offer new choices to the client and stand out from the competition.

With many years of experience in the field of laboratory liquid handling automation and integration we have developed a keen understanding of its limits and potential. These days, manufacturers are more tasked with trying to sell their product in this incredibly competitive field than to assess the ideal fit. The selection process can be daunting for someone with little time and minimal experience.

Relying on a tender to yield the appropriate outcome is also a terrible mistake as with many funding structures in Canada, forcing the “undoing” of a bad decision requires double the time and effort. The other outcome of a bad decision, which has occurred all across Canada many times, is the equipment gets delivered and never used.Divergent Initiatives works with ThermoCRS automation for integration solutions as they offer the most flexibility in the full range of project sizes. For simple automation, mainly liquid handling needs alone, we have plenty of experience to help you make choices that serve you and your budget. By coming to us first, we can help you make the right decision at an insignificant cost to the overall product price. Other services we can offer in this arena is assistance with presenting an automation solution for grant purposes and in the fortunate event of award, assist in the formulation of tender requirements to best represent your needs.

Divergent Initiatives works with a premier service partner in order to offer fast and accessible services for repair, maintenance and validation/calibration for a wide variety of instruments. Should it be for a pH-meter or a mass spectrometer, they are able to carry out the repair within a short time and at a price more than competitive.

In line with our philosophy, our premier service partner offers unique scenarios for service, such as Bank of Service Hours in addition to standard service contracts.

Other services include:

  • Installation
  • Evaluation
  • Repair (on site & depot)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance verification
  • Technical Support

Ask us for more details.


Our assurance is to minimize our distribution portfolio to a choice few items which require a minimum amount of technical abilities to free up our time to focus on our showcase items and agency client’s products.

In the mean time, you can keep growing your business with a minimum risk factor. See below for our comparison chart.

Sales Comparison Chart

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